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This program can be used to overlay transparant pictures on top of a list of background pictures. For example you can use this to put a logo on all your photos.

The base pictures are the background pictures. When you press Start, each background picture will be overlaid with one of the overlay pictures (iterating through the list). If there is only one overlay picture, each output picture will have the same overlay.

The overlay pictures need to be transparent, so these need to be .gif of .png files.
If you want to use text in the overlay pictures, just use a program such as PhotoShop to type text into a picture file.

ImageOverlayer is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Download it for free: ImageOverlayer.jar (Windows / Linux / MacOS / any Java platform)

Installation instruction: You must have Java (JRE – Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer to run. Download the above file and save it to a directory on your harddrive. Double click on ImageOverlayer.jar to start the application.

The source code consists of two files. Click to see them below:

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