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  • Generic Mendix data exporter/importer

    In this post I will explain how I created a very useful reusable Mendix module for the following user story: As an admin I want to export some of the application’s data, so that I can easily import it in other environments of the same application. In Mendix, you can create specific export functionality for your entities,…

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  • CSS tooltips in Mendix

    In this post I will explain how to get a dynamic help tooltip in your Mendix UI, without using a custom widget. The result will look like this:

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  • Kill sessions of a user

    Consider the user story As an admin, I want to be able to immediately block a user, so he/she can no longer access the data in the application You could easily implement a blocking mechanism, using setting the boolean attribute Active in System.User to false. Note: You could also implement a more sophisticated blocking mechanism yourself, by added…

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  • Doing custom stuff when a user logs in

    If you want do some custom checks when a user logs in, it is possible to override the Mendix login mechanism. With this, you can do a lot of useful things. For example: Implement a custom user blocking mechanism, e.g. block all users that are linked to a certain company. Only allow users to log in from…

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  • We don’t need no MxModelReflection

    The Mx Model Reflection module is a technical component from the Mendix App Store that is used in almost every Mendix project. The main reason for this is that other well-known modules from the app store make use of MxModelReflection, such as the ExcelImporter, ExcelExporter, FixedLengthExporter, and DBReplication modules. It is a very useful component, but what does the MxModelReflection module…

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  • Using the ExcelImporter

    In this blog post, I will demonstrate a modelling pattern that I often use for importing data from Excel, and explain the choices made. The ExcelImporter component from the Mendix AppStore is one of the most used business components in Mendix. So, as a Mendix business engineer, this one should be in your toolbox! I will…

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  • Get a single object from a list

    If you’re developing software in Mendix, you’ll be inevitably using lists in your microflows. If you have a list, but want to use a single object from that list in another microflow, it can be tricky to get that object, because currently, Mendix has no list-indexing microflow-action. In this post, I will show how you can…

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  • Enumerations and strings

    Enumerations can be very useful in Mendix. For example they are the only type other than a boolean, that can be used to Split your microflow. Also, each value can an image, which you can show in your data grids. Sometimes it is necessary to convert an enumeration value to a string and vice versa.…

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