Category: Java

  • Tetris

    I created a Tetris clone in Java. These are the controls for the applet below: ← and → Move brick left or right 1 position Ctrl-← and Ctrl-→ Move brick left or right as far as possible Shift Turn brick clockwise ↑ Turn brick counterclockwise ↓ Move brick down 1 position CTRL ↓ of Enter Move brick down as far as possible

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  • ImgOverlayer

    This program can be used to overlay transparant pictures on top of a list of background pictures. For example you can use this to put a logo on all your photos.

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  • LinkGenerator

    With this applet you can generate lists of strings with numbers. Very handy when downloading galleries of numbered pictures from the web. The new version has some neat new features. Check out the applet to see what they are.

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