Kill sessions of a user

Consider the user story

As an admin, I want to be able to immediately block a user, so he/she can no longer access the data in the application

You could easily implement a blocking mechanism, using setting the boolean attribute Active in System.User to false.

Note: You could also implement a more sophisticated blocking mechanism yourself, by added your own attribute(s) to Administration.Account, an then do a check on these attribute when the user logs in, as explained in my previous post.

Then, the user will no longer be able to log in. So the user story is now done, right?

No, because  a user that is still logged in while the admin sets the block, will still have access as long as his/her session lasts.

That is why we will also need to kill the active sessions (there could even be more than one). In this post, I will create a Java action that does exactly that.


First, let’s create a microflow to disable the user. I will add a microflow button to the Account_Overview page in the Administration module, that calls the microflow BlockUser:


The microflow first de-activates the user:


Next I will add the java action KillActiveUserSessions to the project, with 1 parameter (the user’s Account) and a boolean a return type:


Now we can call this Java action in the microflow, passing along the account to Java:


Finally, we implement the Java action using Eclipse. Replace the line that throws the “Java action was not implemented”-exception with the following Java code:

java.util.Collection<? extends ISession> sessionList = Core.getActiveSessions();
boolean hadActiveSession = false;
for (ISession iSession : sessionList) {
  if (iSession.getUser().getName().equals(user.getName())) {
    hadActiveSession = true;
return hadActiveSession;

Also, add the imports com.mendix.core.Core and com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.ISession.

Now we finish the microflow by adding some messages that will be displayed to the admin:


That’s it! Just watch out not to block your own account 🙂

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